• Meeting Dates and Times
    We meet every 2nd Tuesday at 5:30. Meetings take place at the African American Museum at 1783 Chestnut St. (near the WKU campus).
  • Civic Engagement
    The BG-WC NAACP remains active in the community nearly 100 years after its inception.
  • Voter Registration
    The BG-WC NAACP actively works to increase the number of registered voters in our community. Every election cycle, the branch works with other organizations to register new voters and encourage current voters to get out and cast their ballots.
  • Social Media
    Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from our branch! @naacp_bgwc on Twitter & https://www.facebook.com/naacpbgwc/ on Facebook
  • Congratulations to our 2017 Freedom Fund Award Winners!
    Congratulations to Carla Brown, Wanda Jackson, Ryan Dearbone, Robbie Smith Potter, Carlos Bailey, Danny Carothers, the Prince Hall Lodge & Greenwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for being recipients of the 2017 Freedom Fund awards!
  • Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients!
    Congratulations to our 2017 NAACP Education Scholarship recipient, Meredith Chaffin, and to our Prince & Cora Mack Scholarship recipient, Nnamdi Igwe! The BG-WC NAACP is very proud of you and your accomplishments!
  • Statement Regarding the Recent Act of Racism in Bowling Green
    January 17, 2018 ACT OF RACISM AGAINST WKU COLLEGE STUDENTS IS INTOLERABLE BOWLING GREEN, KY- Just two days after the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s annual holiday, a cowardly and racist act has taken place in our city. Several African-American students who attend Western Kentucky University and live at the Crown Apartments, woke up to find feces smeared on their front door and windows, along with a note that read “Eat it up n*#&@r... Make America Great Again”. This type of incident is both disgusting and intolerable! The Bowling Green-Warren County NAACP condemns both the actions and the rhetoric used by those who committed this vile act. Racial slurs and sophomoric actions have no place in a community such as ours and will not be tolerated. We believe that certain actions and statements from our country’s leadership during the past year has emboldened some individuals and groups to believe that this type of behavior is both acceptable and encouraged. The Bowling Green-Warren County NAACP will file a complaint with the state chapter of our organization, and with their help, continue to monitor this ongoing situation and will assist in any way possible. For more information, please contact us at info@naacpbgwc.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/naacpbgwc
Hello Community Members and Supporters: I hope this message finds you doing well. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our Bowling Green/Warren County Branch, as we are excited about striving towards a standard of excellence. Diversity, Education and Leadership are three (3) areas serving as our core. The historic mission of the NAACP is to fight for equality, justice and fairness for all people. Regardless of your race, gender, lifestyle orientation, age, education level, or other factor you may feel would not be accepted, we extend our hand to you. If you are passionate about uplifting our community, we welcome you. As a branch, we strongly believe in teamwork, communication, and being open-minded in order to better serve our surrounding area. As you may notice, the above listed areas represent a wide array of involvement and interest. We are looking to continue growing personally, as a group, and in number. We are on the path to achieve many milestones and look forward to celebrating and working with you.

Who We Are, What We Do

  1. Advocacy

    The BG-WC NAACP is an advocate for any person in our community that feels his/her rights have been challenged. We work to better the community we live in for everyone through awareness, support, and advocacy.

  2. Connect
  3. Local Issues

    If you have an issue that you feel the NAACP can assist you with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  4. Spotlight
  5. Resources

    Bowling Green Human Rights Commission
    491 Double Springs Rd.
    (270) 782-7900

    Housing Authority of Bowling Green
    949 Bryant Way
    (270) 746-9893

    Bowling Green Police Department
    911 Kentucky St.
    (270) 393-4244

    Warren County Sheriff’s Department
    429 E 10th Ave #102, Bowling Green, KY 42101
    (270) 842-1633

    Kentucky State Police- Post 3
    3119 Nashville Road
    Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
    (270) 782-2010

    African American Museum of Bowling Green
    1783 Chestnut St.
    P.O. Box 329