Voter Turnout Ideas

Election 2016

10 for change is a voter registration and mobilization campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to register new voters and educate friends and family about issues important in this year’s election and to encourage them to vote in the primaries and in November.

10 for change hopes to not only inspire women and men to vote but to gradually immerse them in a process that might otherwise seem intimidating or alienating.

How does it work?  Each person agrees to register ten new voters.  After they are registered you are their mentor – providing information, engaging them in discussions about issues, candidates, where to vote, making sure they can get to the polls, etc.  The goal is to keep them excited and interested enough to actually vote.  This promotion works best in the spring to get voters engaged in the process early and to keep them interested through the general election.

“Nail the Vote” Week

The purpose is to mobilize women by offering an incentive to register and to vote.

How does it work?  Two months prior to the “Nail the Vote” week, we produce  “beauty kits”—with counter displays, voter registration materials, and nail files with encouraging slogans and distribute them to salons.

Salons agree to do a free manicure (or at a reduced rate) if a customer completes a voter registration card during the “Nail the Vote” Week and then votes in the election.  We can have this promotion in the spring and fall OR for just the fall semester. This activity needs the cooperation of salons/shops.  It’s a financial commitment on their part.

“Man Up and Vote” Week

The purpose is to mobilize men by offering an incentive to register and to vote.

 How does it work? Same as “Nail the Vote” Week.

Pizza Night

How would it work? Invite both political parties to have pizza with the community to discuss their issues and candidates.  Fall.

Election Day

What can we do to encourage voting on election day?  Provide rides and assistance?  Other ideas?