Voting Information & Activities


April 18                  Last day to register to vote for the primary

May 17                  Primary Election Day

October 11            Last day to register to vote for the general election

November 8          General Election Day


Voting in Kentucky

70% of eligible African American voters are registered.

55% turnout in 2012


The Kentucky Constitution says that “Individuals convicted of a felony, treason, or bribery in an election may not vote in Kentucky unless their civil rights are restored by executive pardon by the Governor.”  This disenfranchisement policy is one of the harshest in the country. One in every four African American males was impacted by this disenfranchisement. 


In a historic move just before he left office, Gov. Steve Beshear signed an executive order to restore the right to vote and to hold public office to ex-felons who have served out their sentences. The order was overturned by Governor Bevin.  While we lobby the governor to reverse his decision, let’s work with ex-felons to restore their vote by helping them complete the required paperwork.


Identification Requirements to Register to Vote


The Kentucky Voter Registration Card requires the applicant’s social security number.  In addition, a date of birth is required to verify that the voter meets the minimum age requirement for voting.  No person shall be denied the right to register because of the failure to include the Social Security number.  All forms which require a voter’s signature shall provide for verification by the signer.  If a voter signs a voter registration form with only a mark, two witnesses are also required.


Identification Requirements to Cast a Ballot


A photo ID can be requested of the voter but the voter is not required to present it.  If the voter does not present a photo ID, the voter must sign an oath attesting to his/her qualifications.

Election officers can also confirm the identity of a voter through:

  • Personal acquaintance or
  • Document, such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, or credit card.  A photo ID is not required.

Have questions or need more information? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).


  • Sponsor voter registration drives. You can also register to vote through the Secretary of State’s website. You can download the registration card. Print out the form, fill out the voter registration card by hand, sign it, and mail to the State Board of Elections. OR Fill out the voter registration card using the computer, print out the form, sign it, and mail it to the State Board of Elections.


  • Inform people of their right to vote, explain how to work in an election campaign, or tell them when and where to vote on Election Day.


  • Distribute material educating voters about the issues at stake in the election.


  • Target African Americans, Latinos and other people of color, low-income people, homeless people, women, immigrants, and other underrepresented or disadvantaged groups for voter registration, education, or GOTV activity.


  • Invite candidate representatives to speak at joint event to discuss views and answer questions posed by members of the community.


  • Urge voters by phone, door-to-door canvass, or public service announcements to remember to vote on Election Day.


  • Provide voters with rides to the polls on Election Day.